A Fulfilling Day

1 Aug


This is so great! I’m like in the Philippines but actually, it’s florida!


Hey, so I saw many palm trees in Okeechobee. Dang. The trees got me dizzy when I first had a ride to my sister’s home. Oh well, it never felt like this before. I mean, what could I ask for? Everything is already here except the cold weather though it gets a bit cold sometimes Got stick with it, no choice.

Getting on the good side of my day….

Attended Mass at St. Bernadette’s Church.  After that…

Hah! Had a good brunch awhile ago.. It was like.. back ribs with garlic toast plus french fries and mac & cheese,  and I didn’t forget my ultra mega large sprite I gulped, tastes so good~ hey PA bbq isn’t bad at all. FOOD IS AMERICA’S BEST.

So let’s get over with the food. As I was in the car of my older sister, west palm beach 95.5 had so many good songs. I didn’t even regret listening to such radio station because it played “Give me Everything” – Neyo and Pitbull for 5-10 times! Geeze. I’ll never get so irritated with that song. It played over and over but it was good to hear. Oh well, that’s it.

So after all the good stuff..

I don’t know how to describe what I felt after the treat but here’s where we’ve been…

  • Went to Dollar Tree (bought some stuff)
  • Went to Bed, Bath and Beyond (bought a lot of stuff)
  • Went to Walmart (bought some food)

THE FINALE~ (the one that made my day)



(so it was a fulfilling day)

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I love KIN <3

14 Nov


Loving you is my addiction and passion. =)
When love comes, you may be blinded of what it will do for you.
Who is Kin?
Kin is kind. =)). Kin is the one who makes me happy, sad, angry, and disappointed. My emotions have gone to madness but I still manage to not mix them up. I haven’t been into (…..) like this but honestly, when you are with me, I forget other things around us. You are the only person that I can see. I’m not joking =p. You better smile because of this! 🙂 Stop being sad.
Kin, all the pain that you’ve caused reminds me of the song” I love the way you lie”. Though it may seem hard for us to accept the fact that we can’t be together, we still believe in a happy ending. I promised you that I won’t resort to…..  and I’d rather be stupid because of loving you than to be hurt because of hating you. You have been a part of my life and ” I’ve been a part of your world”. Together, we sought happiness. Together, we build dreams. Forever I’ll be yours.
At the right time, we could be perfectly together. For now, we should focus on our studies and do what is right for the both of us.
picture above credits to http://www.deviantart.com
(to be continued)

Missing You~♥

16 Jul

Whenever you’re not with me, I feel that we’re torn apart. But I’ll promise I ‘ll be back  for you.

Remember the  first day we met? You said I have the cutest smile of them all. I kept on asking why is that so, and your only answer to that is “because you can never be replaced”. My cheeks turned  red. I didn’t know that love comes that fast.

Every hour of the day, I kept on saying to myself that it’s just a joke. It’s not true at all. But the feeling inside is so untrue. It’s very difficult to understand.I mean, what is this? Is it love or just that little sensation that comes. I feel your love  whenever you sing that cute song that you made for me. I couldn’t live without your love :(. Does this mean that I’m already falling in love with you?

Every time I’m away, you feel so uneasy. You don’t know what to do. It’s like you’re loosing all of your breath.

=to be continued= [ my pc is so slow ]

Take a break! Have a new Boyfriend :D

7 Jun

This post is dedicated to my sister Jamie! Hope you’ll  like it Sis!

Take a break~♥

Pain- a word that is related to love. It’s a common word for all those whose hearts were broken, are broken, and will be broken. No words can tell how bad you’ll feel if someone broke up with you or you two are taking a break [ a break that will soon be a break-up]. It’s easy for a boy to say “let’s take a break” than a girl. They don’t kinda feel anything after saying those words but they’ll feel stupid and will regret it sooner or later.

A boyfriend who really cares for you will not say anything to make you feel down. As for me, if he would say such harsh things, I’ll stick his face to the ground( kidding). If he will only make you cry, then, you should make him cry for you too so that love will be fair. Boys don’t really cry at all but if they cried for their girlfriend, then, that is true love for you guys!

I’m not really an expert when it comes to the word “LOVE” but I kinda feel I’m an expert on this type of word [I’m feeling it and I’m giving out my expertise on it]

My advice for you sis is that you should really think twice or not more than twice and make it more than twice about your relationship with him. If he does a lot of things that you don’t want, then, have a new boyfriend! Live your life freely and don’t make things hard for you. There are many boys in this world! There’s nothing you should worry about because as time passes by, there will always be that right guy for you! Just wait because fate will lead you~ have trust and shape your own fate. Don’t let it be ruined by others.  🙂


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I ♥ LOVE You :D

4 Jun

Jan Circa~♥

I’m getting tired of hearing sick jokes. Let’s just do it the other way, like try some cool stuffs. Hey you! I like you. Do you even care?


Life without love is pretty boring, I guess. I bet you don’t want to be single forever right?! I’m pointing the fact that love is really a joke sometimes. It’s just like a piece of candy that you put in your mouth and then chew[non-sense] Hehehe. Unfortunately, I’m just fooling around with love. I don’t really get serious with it but if it’s serious to me then that’s the time I should make up my mind and start getting along with that “RIGHT LOVE/TRUE LOVE”

You see, love isn’t a possession nor a satisfaction. It’s just a word until someone who will cross in your path give its true meaning ♥

Sorry=  I am offering this word to those people whom I’ve hurt these past days. I just can’t force myself to love you guys back. If you love me, then that’s it, I can’t do anything about it, in fact I’m only a kid. =p I hope you’ll forgive me for making a mistake. This is only the offer I can make, though I can offer a peace-sign too. I don’t want to ruin our friendship because I love you,my friends.

You’re just fooled by me if I acted weird and said something like ” I LOVE YOU” I really don’t mean to say those words to anyone except my family and friends plus relatives and God. Yeah I know I act dumb and foolishly in front of many people or sometimes on the net. I never meant to hurt others’ feelings, I just want to make them happy.

Mess with me, that’s it! It’s just like that. Nothing will change my love for you guys. Just accept the fact that I already found the one for me though he is not so good and just playing around with me. I don’t love him, I just like him. Liking him is enough and loving him will take me months and years to be able to do that. I will not ask anything from him because I want him to be the one to give what I deserve[THE BEST OF HIM]

“soooooooo dramatic”

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Once In a Lifetime

1 Jun

You can meet many people out there whom you can spend life with. But meeting the very right man/woman takes time. If only destiny could lead us fast to our most cherished person, then that will be a chance for us to be with him/her forever. Before the light fades, I will give you my all and promise I’ll be gentle.

If you see someone you like, then let him/her know, because true love can happen only once in a lifetime

Just close your eyes, my love, and feel my love for you. If you’re alone, just call my name and I’ll go wherever you are. Tears fall down on your cheeks when I fail you but I will never ever let you fall down to the ground. Take my arms and let’s fly, soar high–above the sky~~

Let’s cherish every moment we have.

[to be continued]

Oh My Gosh~♥

31 May

Baby let me love you down~~ There’s so many ways to love ya……

You make me wanna say OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH MY GOSH~~

I got addicted to this song just a while ago. I kinda don’t like the video but the song is awesome especially its beat ♥. It’s good for hip hop dance~~

I’m so inlove ♥.♥

Video above credits to http://www.youtube.com


Gd and Flo Rida

31 May

About a month ago, I heard some news about GD having a Heartbreaker mix with Flo Rida. After knowing that news, I looked for the video and wuhla~ there it is on youtube.  The song was totally awesome. GD even said ” FLO RIDA, TALK TO ME” aaaaaahhh~~~ ♥

Recently, Gd and Flo Rida had a stage performance of Heartbreaker, it was really cool!

[all I heard was the screaming of the fans though it’s not a fancam and yeah it’s a concert that’s why..]


After watching this, you’ll feel loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♥.♥ Gd and Flo Rida

Video above credits to http://www.youtube.com 😀


The reason to love

25 May

What is our reason for loving a person?

Is it just his/her looks that make us fall inlove?

Or is it the attitude that attracts us?

A person will never learn to love if he/she doesn’t mingle with others. Bonding with other people or simply hanging out with them is the typical thing to be closer to them. Hang outs are fun especially when friends go with you because you have the  freedom to enjoy the place you’re going to and make fun of everything.

Going back to the topic, the reason why we love to love is that we get hooked up with the thing called ” i love you” and we can’t think right when someone says that to us. Love is not the real thing. It is the feeling of love, if you can understand what I’m really trying to point out. Love for me is a joke, if you’d ask me why, I will not answer it because I’m just joking about that quotation of mine.

LOVE IS REALLY A JOKE! But if it is true love then that is REAL LOVE


Tell Me Goodbye

23 May


This is the newest song of Bigbang. I was kinda shocked because it’s very melo-dramatic and they are singing using japanese language (so cool), though they are koreans. Still, there is rap on the song because of T.O.P.  They really are my idol, I will idolize them forever ♥.

This song is for those who are broken-hearted, I guess, because love is painful. When love never works out for you, you should learn to let go and move on. If there are chances for you and for the person you love to be together again, grab it and be with him/her again. Love can wait, if you’re in a hurry to feel love then that’s not love.








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